Campsited: Scaling an Online Marketplace with Incentives

Campsited has often been called “the Airbnb of camping”. They are quickly becoming the go-to online booking platform for camping holidays globally. Find out how they increased bookings and conversion rates drastically by using digital incentives.

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Meet Eoin Casey, Head of Affiliate at Campsited

Eoin’s been around the the ‘affiliate marketing’ block, with over 10 years of experience in affiliate and digital marketing. Before Campsited, he was managing a $20 million budget for Groupon, building strategic partnerships and with companies looking to monetise their customer bases.

He’s now leading Campsited’s affiliate marketing effort – building partnerships and introducing tech to create an exciting customer experience for those seeking their next camping holiday.

Competitive Landscape: The Camping Industry

Campsited operates in 17 countries with a particular focus on France as it is the second-largest camping market outside the USA. They have options for all types of campers but they specialise in mobile homes and chalets – targeting the family holiday market.

In terms of competition, many hotel and accommodation platforms such as have camping options on their platform. So it is a competitive space, however these platforms aren’t dedicated to the camping market – a gap in the market Campsited have filled.

Price Competition Vs Incentive Marketing

Discounting and eCommerce go hand-in-hand, however Eoin argues that offering 3rd-party incentives give online platforms an added advantage.

  • If you are just dealing with discounts – you’re simply competing on price. As a platform, you are not differentiating yourself in the eyes of the customer.

There’s nothing memorable about a minor difference in price.

  • It’s not about making things cheaper- it’s more about striking value with the customer, and identifying what appeals to them and what doesn’t.
  • 3rd party incentives can help create a memorable buying experience for the customer. You can align yourself with brands that strike immediate value with your customer, incentivizing them to convert on your platform rather than go searching for the best price discount.
  • You can often offer your customers greater commercial value when offering a branded incentive compared to price discounts as they are discounted when bought through a platform like WeGift. Discounts range from 4%-25% off the face value of the incentive.

Choosing the right incentive for your target audience

When starting out with Incentive Marketing we go off our assumptions about which brands will appeal to our target audience. However Eoin’s approach was much more scientific.

  • Testing different branded gift cards as incentives can tell you a lot about your customers and what matters to them.
  • The amount of the incentive is not always the key factor, similar results can be achieved by experimenting with the brands used.
  • AB testing was the key to learning – Campsited intuitively thought that Decathlon would appeal to campers, as they offer many camping products. But an AB test revealed that Carrefour, a supermarket brand was preferred.
  • It’s not always intuitive – the data will reveal what works best for your customer base. It is important to be data-driven.

Insights that increase conversion rates further down the funnel

Incentive marketing can be used across the marketing and sales funnel. It can be part of a large TV campaign, outbound emails, on the website, all the way down to abandoned cart strategies. You can use incentives to nurture prospects down the funnel. The best part is you can use your learnings from top-funnel experiments to inform your bottom-funnel marketing strategy.

Take the learnings from the top funnel experiments on brand preferences and use that down the funnel in the abandon cart strategies

For Eoin, It’s a given that if you offer a gift card incentive – prospects will be motivated to purchase your product. But there is more you can do with this.

  • Test on different branded incentives on a large audience and then apply those learnings to a smaller segment in a highly effective way.

This was particularly true for Campsited when they applied their learnings about how their audience preferred Carrefour incentives to their abandoned cart strategies.

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